About Us

General Information

The Municipality of Mercedes lies along the eastern part of Camarines Norte. The northern part of which faces the Pacific Ocean while the eastern part is bound by San Miguel Bay. Its neighboring towns are Daet and Basud, located west of the municipality. Fishery plays a significant role in the economic activity of Mercedes, being the largest fishing bowl in the Bicol Region. Nature has graciously favoured this progressive community with vast and rich fishing grounds. Fish merchants from the neighbouring towns and nearby Tagalog provinces regularly visit Mercedes to purposely engage in the profitable fish export business.


Tourism Capacity

Mercedes is rapidly gaining popularity as an ideal destination for eco-adventure tourists. With the municipality’s coverage of its 7 islands with its own mix of fine sandy beaches, key snorkeling and diving sites, hiking and mountaineering trails, and various heritage and cultural attractions, investments in tourism-related establishments will be rich with opportunities. Attractive investments are open in both traditional and non-traditional tourism-related services such as restaurants, souvenir shops, spas, accommodations and various gear and equipment rental among others.